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SPMT filling up local disk

Todays post will stop the SPMT filling up local disk 👍

The issue:

I first had this issue when using the SharePoint Migration tool, moving local folders to SharePoint Online, the local disk you are running the tool from needs to set up a cache to stage the file migration, if you are like me and have your C drives for only Windows data, so a set size and you go to migrate data larger, you are in trouble as the staging will fill your C drive up and your migration will be stopped in its tracks.

The resolution:

Once installed the SPMT’s staging area can be redirected to another disk with the space by creating a junction, I usually create another throw away VHDX file for this on virtual machines and throw it away afterwards.

To do this we need to open up CMD and change the directory to where the current path is:

cd %appdata%\Microsoft

If a folder already exists in here, you should delete it

Next we create the reference link by using the following command:

mklink /J MigrationToolStorage D:\SPMT <—- this will trick Windows into thining the folder still exists in C but its infact redirected from D:\SPMT

SPMT fillling up local disk

After your migration and you are happy with the results, you can happily just delete your VHDX file/new folder.

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