Phishing Protection

Empower your staff, with the knowledge they need!

90% of data breaches start with a phishing email.

Reduce your client’s chance of experiencing a cybersecurity disaster by up to 70% with security awareness training that includes phishing simulation using 365Expert’s Phishing protection.

  • Add every employee to your client’s security team with security awareness training that empowers them to spot and stop phishing threats.
  • Automate training campaigns and reporting for stress-free, consistent training that gets results.
  • Choose from a rich set of plug-and-play phishing campaign kits and video lessons accompanied by short quizzes — or create your own phishing campaigns and training materials easily.
  • Effective, affordable one-stop phishing resistance training scales to fit any business and budget.

Engaging Content

Plug-and-play phishing kits, short, animated videos, and online quizzes ensure that training reaches every employee no matter how tech-averse they are.

User-friendly, Personalised Training Portal

Make security training painless and convenient for employees.

Customisable Materials

Customise phishing emails, URLs, landing pages, and attachments to your needs to mimic industry-specific threats.

New Training Assets

Fresh phishing kits and videos are released regularly to reflect the current threat landscape and keep your employees on the lookout for trouble.

We offer this service and more under our security suite.