Windows 365

What is Windows 365?

Users want technology that is familiar, easy to use, and always available so they can work and create fluidly across devices. Cloud PC makes this possible by combining the power and security of the cloud with the familiarity of the PC. Only Microsoft can bring together the PC and the cloud with a consistent and integrated Windows experience. Introducing Windows 365. Windows 365 is the world’s first cloud PC. With a cloud PC, Windows evolves from a device-based OS to hybrid personalized computing.

A cloud PC is your personalized desktop, apps, settings, and content streamed securely from the cloud to your devices. It enables you to decrease costs while lowering the complexity of your environment.

In addition, Windows 365 enables your clients to:

Procure, provision, and deploy in minutes, with optional automated OS updates.

Offers users anywhere access to their personalized Windows desktop experience.

Tailor compute and configurations for an elastic workforce.

Pick up where you left off on the device of your choice.

Optimize experiences on Windows endpoints.

Scale confidently with per-user pricing.

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