Technical Consultancy

365Expert provides the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to assist in your client’s cloud deployments. If you have the drive and knowledge, so much that you do not need a full consultancy service, then why pay someone else to do most of the leg work?

We can provide you with a platform that gives you the confidence to ensure the plan you have chosen is feasible and the best option for your client, from here you can get help with as much or as little as you want.

A truly flexible and transparent solution for your cloud transition.

Because you are choosing the level of involvement required, you can take on what you feel comfortable with and delegate the rest to 365Expert.
Given our expertise, we will be able to give you costs of how much of our time you will require, you can then make the decision whether you want to outsource that part of the project to us.

Best practice and insight from hundreds of cloud deployments.

We are often asked to consult on the more involved cloud deployments or to rescue projects at risk of failure, whether due to lack of planning of lack of expertise, most of these times the solution is either too complex or not thought through fully enough. Although we can help with such projects, you can avoid getting to this stage in the first place. You can leverage our experience and expertise to make your project a success.

We are here when you need us most!

Migrations can take place anytime, but we recommend out of hours so that this has minimal impact on your clients.

By following a well-prepared plan, the whole process should be pain-free; occasionally though, it all goes wrong so we can also be on-call for troubleshooting expertise to provide you with support just in case and to get you back on track.

If you already have a cloud deployment you did yourself, are you confident that it follows all the best practices and is set up correctly?

The chances are it is probably all good, however, you may want to have that extra peace of mind that 365Expert can provide. Our experts can look over your client’s deployments and perform a basic health checks to make sure everything is above board. It may be the case that we can provide small, but effective tweaks that you may not have considered, allowing you to administer your client’s systems so much easier.

You also may have a few questions about some of the more esoteric aspects of the service or may have questions about addons or future deployments, we cover all of this with our health checker service.

Migrated your client over a year ago? Then they may already be out of date!

As you can appreciate, cloud services have changed quite a lot. There have been so many changes to the Microsoft cloud offerings since launch it is mostly unrecognisable today.

Month upon month there are minor changes that all add up and change how admins interact with their clients, limits that you planned around may have been changed as well as licensing considerations, adding, and taking away services, etc so 365Expert are here to empower you as an I.T professional to provide the knowledge you need to keep yourself completely up to date.

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