Welcome to 365 Expert

Here to empower I.T professionals

Who are we?

365Expert are a tech company with a special focus on anything cloud! We successfully deliver collaboration, communication & knowledge management solutions to I.T professionals all around the globe.

We are Microsoft Gold partners in multiple competencies with extensive experience in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure and are here to help I.T professionals such as MSPs, inhouse I.T departments, small I.T shops and one man bands etc with our services, no matter your location, we are here to provide the expert help everyone needs to help achieve your client’s tech goals.

What we do?

365Expert are here to empower I.T professionals and help bridge the gaps they sometimes face between business and technology, we are here to white label our services to deliver effective and efficient cutting-edge solutions to assist in the smooth daily running of your clients, without breaking the bank.

Above all else, we are knowledge seekers; we are always learning to keep on top of our game and provide I.T professionals that next level of technical outreach to assist their clients.

How do we do it?

We strive to be the experts when it comes to anything tech related, especially cloud technologies, we cut out any guesswork you may face to be successful in helping your own clients with their deployments and this can only be achieved by employing the best.

Each 365Expert engineer is fully qualified in what they do, whether it be a “Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert” or a “Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert” (Microsoft’s top sought after certifications) you can be assured you are dealing with engineers that are fully up to date with the latest tech and are well equipped to deal with anything befitting to the titles they have earned!

Our philosophy

We are here to enable all I.T professionals offer more to their clients, we strive to keep up to date with the very fast-paced and ever-changing cloud platforms on offer today, which means you dont have to, you can outsource part of your project/business to us and we can assit you in helping your clients with anything tech related they want to achieve.

365Expert was essentially created to provide a platform for others who are also in the same game, I.T shops, small one-man-band businesses, and managed service providers, to help with any gaps in knowledge, we understand that people are great at managing most aspects of business but sometimes keeping up to date with the tech is the last thing on peoples’ minds, we aim to help bridge that gap and empower our clients.
We are always looking for new ways to help our fellow I.T professionals, we post regular blog updates in an attempt to share the knowledge in everything we do.

Get in touch today to see how 365Expert can help you as an I.T professional. 

Our objective

This is simple, we are here to empower YOU as an I.T professional!

We are THE place within our industry where all I.T professionals can come to when they hit that virtual brick wall, we strive to keep fully up to date with the latest tech so you dont need to!

We are experts in helping other I.T professionals keep their services in house by providing white label agreements so they can showcase a much wider skill set to their own client base without losing out.

Our set up can include your very own branded portal you can keep in house or forward to your clients, and it all just looks like you! We also have solid agreements in place for peace of mind, so you can be rest assured that your clients remain your clients.